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AMAZING band. Geoff is a lyrical genius and the band as a whole kicks arse! Check them out!
Thursday will one day rule the world.
by Chrissy July 31, 2004
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a mean principal from a crappy ass school. Also known as Captain Dyke
Stupid Captain Dyke gave me the six foot rule for hugging someone. How gay is that?
by Chrissy May 23, 2004
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another name for vagina, it just doesn't sound as gross
excelcia? what's that? Sounds like some sort of Greek goddess.
-That's because it is.
by Chrissy April 23, 2004
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A little slice of heaven nestled in between Gaithersburg, Rockville and Olney.
All the cool kids live in derwood.
by Chrissy November 15, 2004
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a word meaning crazy or odd.
Yo you is mad funny but u nutful as hell.
by Chrissy February 23, 2005
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When Stacie is trying to type fun but types it wrong so it comes out as "fune"; Stacies new word for "fun"
Chrissy: Im listening to the full extended remix of dip it low

Stacie: Fune
by Chrissy May 30, 2004
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the green paper mache monkey sitting in chrissy's closet. he carries the dreaded banana of complete and utter DOOM, in which he likes to stab people with when they are asleep. "DIEDIEDIE"

p.s. HE'S BLIND!!!
..seven days.. is doomsday.. the homocidal monkey is going to.. EAT YOU. k bye.
by Chrissy March 15, 2005
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