to fart in a tightly enclosed space while in the company of others who cannot easily leave
Carl was fumigating the car with his stench all the way to Jersey.
by Cynthia A. September 2, 2006
(verb) The act of releasing B.O. and or farting infront of a fan or airvent blowing air onto a crowd of people in an inclosed space.
What the hell is that smell? Did some asshole fumigate in here!?
by Human# 53278 January 3, 2011
Extremely angry, upset, or focused
Sometimes I get really fumigated for the wrong reasons
by YuOfTheNight January 3, 2021
1. Smelling extremely bad.
2. Extremely angry

Can be used as both meanings simultaneously. See example.
If you fall into a dumpster you will be fumigous
by DReno1221 August 13, 2011
The intentional release of a fart into a cloth covered cushion, chair, couch, car seat, mattress, etc. by way of breaking the Fart Injection Threshold for the purpose of filling it with your personal brand of fart.
1. Excuse me Leroy, if you don't stop using Fart Fumigation in my gamer chair, you won't be allowed to come over and play Super Nintendo with me anymore.

2. Mother, Akeem Fart Fumigated my stuffed giraffe again. Now it smells like moldy nachos!
by Dr.FartScientist May 6, 2017
A fart that moves up through your clothes and to your nose instantaneously
Alex: OMG bro I just farted. It left my butthole and hit my nostrils within a second.

Matt: Oh shit bro. I smell it too. You must be practicing Krolov’s Fumigation technique.
by CranberryJuicer March 10, 2020
The things he said to me made me feel very fumigated.
by YuOfTheNight January 24, 2021