a really big idiot that thinks he or she knows it all.
by mgbach August 14, 2011
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1. A fucking retard.
2. One who lacks the social graces given to even the most rudimentary of mossy vegitation.
3. One who has lost all sense of reality whilst performing even the most menial of tasks.
"I believe James might be a fuktard."
by Leshiye March 17, 2005
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fuktard: One who exihibits stupidity to the utmost extreme.
"What the fuck over? You fuckin' fuktard!
by *sbg* Snuffaluff May 17, 2004
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a word that has grown with increasing popularity in sites that dont allow cussing. Short for Fucking Retard, FukTard has become a favorite of many a gamer.
I wish these FukTards would stop ruining the game with their team-killing.
by Jason June 16, 2004
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it is a fuck and a retard wixed together
by Chody May 27, 2003
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fuktards are halfbreed nuthuggers homothugs who generally front run on a bandwagon pro,college sports team.
A few examples are the Dallas Cowboys, Notre Dame, La Lakers, and every fucking lousy team located in New York or North Jersey.

Spike Lee is a fuktard behind a camera. George W Bush is a fuktard who would look nice with a homohawk
by shaunjohn December 2, 2010
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