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a girls hair color being the same has her pussy hair
your pussy hair is blonde just like on your head
by Chody May 27, 2003
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it is a fuck and a retard wixed together
douglas your suck a fuckin fuktard
by Chody May 27, 2003
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a mall where a bunch of stupid goths hang out and shop at hot topic in which tha only good about this mall is that it has a movie theatre
One time i went danvers massachusetts
and fucked sum goth chick in tha ass when cumed in the food courts food it made it taste better thats how bad the ghetto mall is
by Chody June 18, 2004
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chicken with pubic hairs on them
i ate a brazilian chicken with chers pubes on them
by Chody June 21, 2004
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latin 4 lead
pencils are not made of plumbum any more
by chody November 29, 2003
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also see hillbilly something that i said that made my teacher laugh so hard in social studies that milk came outta his nose
GET off my lawn bitch!!!!!!!!1
by chody May 23, 2004
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tha gayest sport where a bunch of dick licking brazilians kik tha ball around and try 2 get it in the net the size of a brazilian home
Brazilians are so poor afghanistan laughs at it
by Chody June 21, 2004
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