A complete idiot that is so remarkably stupid that they make you extremely angry.

Can also be used as a descriptive term as is "fuktarded" or "fuktardingly"
I can't believe it! Carlos is such a fuktard that he just makes me want to scream!


Why would he put a bunny on that car as a hood ornament? That is so fuktarded!
by GraFiXo May 13, 2009
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fuktards are halfbreed nuthuggers homothugs who generally front run on a bandwagon pro,college sports team.
A few examples are the Dallas Cowboys, Notre Dame, La Lakers, and every fucking lousy team located in New York or North Jersey.

Spike Lee is a fuktard behind a camera. George W Bush is a fuktard who would look nice with a homohawk
by shaunjohn December 02, 2010
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