parent approved subsitute for fuck
Fudge! I hate it when I forget stuff.
by Dawn June 15, 2002
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A good way to cover up the word Fuck when you say it out loud without thinking who you are around.
To perform this just while you are saying fuck, quickly change it to fudge. Sometimes you may catch it a little late and say fucdge. but it still sounds betta than the real thing
by Mic August 6, 2004
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1. Tasty chocolate like treat. Sits in stomach best after eating good warm meal and while sitting in comfy chair whilst visiting with whom ever may be there to cause such a wonderful event as fudge.

2. Articulate version of the highly popular yet extremely vulgar word fuck.

Example 1:

You: "Oh fuck I hate it when that happens!"
Your mom: "Oh my God! How could you say that? You're grounded for a month!"

Example 2:

You: "Oh fudge I hate it when that happens!"

Your mom: "I'm sorry dear... The fudge is ready."

You: "YAAAY! Fudge!"
by Ba Ba Ti Ki Di Do June 5, 2006
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When you don't want to say the f-word, mostly due to parents beng around, or teachers.
Those times when you're doing something and you get hurt or screw up.

ex. Mom/Dad is around. I finished typing my 5000 word essay. I clicked x, without saving. FUDGE It's more of a FML, but oh well.
by MissPinkyPerfection February 1, 2011
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1. Incomplete or slapdash job made of something; or, a quick contrivance made to fit a particular specification.

2. Exclamation, which sounds a lot like 'fuck' but isn't considered to be rude. (Often, it is used to convert an already started 'fuck' into something acceptable -- eg. around parents, teachers or employers, and so is a 'fudge' in itself.)

3. Attempt to evade through misdirection or lies.

4. Soft, buttery sweet (candy).

'Fudge' is often supposed to be an Americanism, but is actually thought to come from the old word 'fadge', meaning 'to fit'. This, in turn, comes a certain 'Captain Fudge', who was well known for telling lies; thus, a fudge is a contrivance, made to fit.

It remains to be seen if future generations will 'kerry together' a program overnight (after John Kerry, who's claims as a Vietnam War veteran have come under fire), or call out 'oh, bush!' in exasperation (George Bush, his claims of Iraqi WMDs still contested).

See also 'fudgepacker' (a term for the active partner in anal sex -- not the same as, or limited to, gay men).
1. There was a day left to make the coursework deadline, so they fudged something together overnight.

2. 'How could we have failed, Ms Hardedge? I mean, what the fu... u... udge?'

3. Ms Hardedge asked them about their project, but being unsure they just fudged their answers.

4. The kids ate some fudge, dispirited after failing their project miserably.
by Jordan G March 26, 2005
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Fudge hits you harder than chocolate, has a shorter peak experience, and encourages couchlock at very high doses.
by Help the Ozone is Depleting! December 14, 2007
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