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A jury-rigged repair. Anything held together with duct-tape, bubble-gum or baling wire. A machine put together by a hack , with a hacksaw and a trowel.
Me: That's a slapdash repair.
Used Car Salesman: What's dat?
Me: The windshield is held in by duct tape instead of a rubber seal.
by AviationMetalSmith January 20, 2007
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1. (adj.) done hastily; haphazard; careless
2. (adv.) in a hasty or careless manner
3. (verb) to slap someone (preferably in the face) and then dash, i.e. run away*

*This must be preceded by the slapped person being tricked into reading the word (slapdash), not necessarily aloud.
I just got slapdashed, now I must have my revenge.
by Clovis Fields May 01, 2010
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The act of giving someone a handjob then quickly running away-robbie ransom
Bro my GF just gave me a slapdash last night. I couldnt find her afterward
by like50somalians November 16, 2010
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1. Revising for your exams a week after you have completed them.

2. Throwing a bin carelessly out of the window to hurriedly get rid of rubbish
1, Parent: Haris, when are you going to revise?

Haris: Next week

Parennt: but that is after the exams!

Haris: Slapdash

2. Dr. Blache: Were is the bin?

Haris: Slapdash
by zrix July 07, 2011
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when you four finger spank your girlfriends ass and shove your hand in her anus, and leave inconspicuously
dude he totaly slap-dashed me yesterday
by hairy the shitsnail October 17, 2010
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Personified expression of all which is 'Du Frai Sur Le Plip'. A gentlemen of prepipinary wit, which recalls Gunterflupp's 'Tweaty Swap'. It sits atop a moist duvet of lyrical Brie. 9/10
I'm listening to Slapdash's new tune, and it's fucking slapdash!
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