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n. being too stoned to get off of the couch
see: couchlocky
That ganj had us in couchlock for 4 hours.
by cheryl-renee March 03, 2005
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Being so stoned that you can do nothing but sit on the couch laughing at stoner movies.
"Hey man, we're going to the store to get some munchies, you coming?"
"Ha, don't even try it, man, he's got couch lock."
by Haddock May 27, 2005
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When you get so incredibly stoned that you actually become a part of the couch. It becomes impossible to move. Usually followed by playing grand theft auto, eating $20 worth of taco bell, singing the entire national anthem, getting lost for 2 hours in the Wal-mart parkinglot, stealing traffic cones and wearing them as hats, smoking another joint, listening to aqueous transmission by Incubus, eating a whole bag of doritos, drinking 5 gallons of kool-aid, and finally trying to watch all of Half Baked with out passing out.
Man that green is the bomb...I was couchlocked for like 4 hours. Got any more???
by Pot-Head August 30, 2006
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(n.) The state of being so high that you can't get off of your couch; being unable to move/speak/stand.
Joe: "You awake, Pat?"

Pat: "..."

Joe: "Yeah, he's couch locked."
by Patlacker May 25, 2010
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When one has smoked copious amounts of Marijuana and is unable to move from an absolute position of pure comfort.
I really wanted a cup of tea but had a severe case of couchlock
by BareTime November 21, 2016
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When you get a really strong body high and cannot get up off the couch, usually obtained when smoking indica weed.
"I smoked me some romulan last night and got a severe case of the couchlock"
by tony acuna's mom February 21, 2008
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Experiencing the sensation of weighing over a gazillion tons. The physical forces required to move oneself under the effects of couchlock are astronomically inconceivable.
Hey dude! Let's go out and do something!

-Sorry man, I'm couchlocked. I'm not going ANYWHERE.
by Shiques July 23, 2014
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