when you forget to save someone a drag of a cigarette, once they asked.
oh no, you fudged that cigarette!
by Meghan Lanteigne September 26, 2005
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parent approved subsitute for fuck
Fudge! I hate it when I forget stuff.
by Dawn June 15, 2002
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To finish something as if you know what you're doing. Like Bullshitting something.
Dude1: I have no idea what this essay is on!
Dude2: Just fudge it man.
by Lenamus Prime November 8, 2007
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another term for "fucking". This word is used by somewhat good people so that when they're saying the word fudging, it wouldn't sound so offesinsive.
Lea: My gosh, have you seen Higa's latest vid? It's so fudging cool!~
by MIR17 July 2, 2011
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A good way to cover up the word Fuck when you say it out loud without thinking who you are around.
To perform this just while you are saying fuck, quickly change it to fudge. Sometimes you may catch it a little late and say fucdge. but it still sounds betta than the real thing
by Mic August 5, 2004
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1. Tasty chocolate like treat. Sits in stomach best after eating good warm meal and while sitting in comfy chair whilst visiting with whom ever may be there to cause such a wonderful event as fudge.

2. Articulate version of the highly popular yet extremely vulgar word fuck.

Example 1:

You: "Oh fuck I hate it when that happens!"
Your mom: "Oh my God! How could you say that? You're grounded for a month!"

Example 2:

You: "Oh fudge I hate it when that happens!"

Your mom: "I'm sorry dear... The fudge is ready."

You: "YAAAY! Fudge!"
by Ba Ba Ti Ki Di Do June 5, 2006
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