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Similar to the "friendzone"... It is when you would fuck someone but wouldn't commit to them (or perhaps even be friends with them).

Although it is usually males that fuckzone females, females can do it too.
Girl: So what do you think of me?
Guy: I wouldn't date you but I would fuck your brains out.
Girl: Did you just fuckzone me???

Girl: Leonardo DiCaprio is an ass but I would knock boots with him all night long, if ya know what I mean... /fuckzoned
by missylectro May 29, 2012
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It's like the friendzone kinda but the person you like only sees you as fucking material and not someone to have a potential relationship with.
You: I like you a lot, actually.
Him/Her: Well then, wanna be friends with benefits? I'll let you give me head.
You: (shit, I've been fuckzoned)
by findmercury June 23, 2013
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an area where lots of prostitutes are known to gather; red light district.
so i have spell it out for you dick smokers?
by oddkin February 17, 2005
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The area on a woman's body from her stomach to thighs and everything in between. Includes the hips and ass. Everything you grab onto during fucking.
by Daddy long long October 09, 2016
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