To be staight-up, no joke. The realest.
John:"That dude is tryin to holla at your girl
Dave:"Fuck the bullshit, i'm gonna fix his face.
by Jamesnbk1108 February 08, 2009
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1.when you just about had it with everything and everyone
2.when you disapprove of something
1.your car just broke and you scream out fuck the bullshit
2.friend:yo u wanna go to the movies?
you: naw dawg fuck the bullshit lets do something else
by realniggu July 22, 2011
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'Fuck That Bullshit' is a useful phrase to use when someone is trying to feed you bullshit. It's similar to Fuck that Shit! But you emphasise the BULL to make it more Gangsta... fuck that BUUULLshit! FTBS!

"Man, what the fuck u talkin about!?
Fuck that Bullshit!!"
by Zequodi January 13, 2012
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Originated most notably in Austin, TX. Used to describe that which is frequently considered to be significantly illegitimate or insincere.

Neither "fucking" or "bullshit" are to be assumed literal.
That third quarter earnings report is some fucking ridiculous bullshit!
by Big Dave August 05, 2004
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When you get disconnected from your neighbor's wi-fi seemingly at random.
I just got disconnected again! This is such fucking bullshit!
by skatanic July 23, 2008
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The act of trying to procreate using that which a Bos taurus has defecated.
Person 1: DUUUUDE! Where you fucking bullshit!?
Person 2: Too right I was! A perfect answer for my Zoophilia and Coprophilia!
Person 1: Fucking hell man you're fucking minging.
by Goodolshitbringer October 30, 2019
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A common response to something that is fucked up.

Originated in Austin, TX 2004 by IBMers.
Dude1: Hey man... I feel bad we didn't stay out late last night on your birthday.
Dude2: Yeah man that was fucking bullshit!
by blizzel August 01, 2004
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