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Phrase coined by author Christopher Moore to refer to a female companion whose sole contribution to a relationship is the provision of sexual gratification. Can also refer to a male. Implies that, apart from looking good and having sex, the person has no other redeeming qualities.
"Fuck puppets. Every one of them has an apartment that some older executive guy is paying for - just like he paid for the health-club membership and the fake tits. They spend their days getting facials and manicures, and their nights under some suit out of his suit."
"So they're like mistresses?" Charlie said. "Like in Europe?"
"I suppose," Ray said. "But did you ever get the impression that mistresses worked this hard to look good? I think fuck puppet is more accurate, because when they get too old to hold the attention of their guy, they've got nothing more going. They'll be done, like marionettes with no one at the strings."
by N E B October 01, 2007
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Person you just use for sex, have no feelings for, and possibly share with your friends.
Emma?? No man she my boy's fuck puppet, we've all had a go!!
by CJM379 December 05, 2002
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A Fuck-Puppet is someone who is being completely manipulated and used by the will and behavior of someone else in the most demoralising manner for either persons benefit.

"Did you see how she just lied in court?" "What a total Fuck Puppet!"

"That Dirty Little Fuck-Puppet won't stab me in the back!"

"Your just doing all his dirty work, your his Fuck-Puppet!"
by The Moody Poet August 05, 2006
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One who serves no useful purpose aside from sex, esp. one who thinks they have a purpose due to being cleverly manipulated.
She's not my girlfriend; she's just a fuckpuppet.
by Beau Nobo June 11, 2003
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A term to describe someone you love fucking, repeatedly. Often considered to be a demoralizing term, I believe we can take it back. I am proud to be a fuck puppet.

Used in the television series Six Feet Under
Nate: This is Brenda, my girlfriend.

Brenda: I prefer the term fuck puppet.
by MoMo_love February 26, 2007
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1. A synonym for "slut". 2. A synonym for "fucktard".
1. Mary is such a fuckpuppet, the whole hockey team had a turn.
2. Jim was late for work again, that stupid fuckpuppet.
by The Mad Steve April 03, 2011
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As a puppet is controlled by the hand inserted in it, the fuck puppet is controlled by the cock in the same manner. A fuck puppet would be a cock junkie who would do whatever the person feeding her fix wished without question.
"Do you think Jannie will let Mark cruise with us to the strip club?"
"Shit, she's just his little fuck puppet! He could bring one of the strippers home for a threesome if he wanted!"
by Bird O'Prey January 18, 2008
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