Moderator or Janitor of an image board or forum, who do their job for free.
Jannies always ruin the cunny threads
by knuckles77 December 17, 2019
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Deragotary form of word "janitor" used to refer to moderators of forums and imageboards in an offensive manner; in particular to those, who block users for something minor, or for being generally oversensitive.
Originates from 4chan's /sp/ board.
Fucking Jannie blocked me for Pepe-posting.
by VR456 March 31, 2019
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Tall, blond, gorgeous women that is ALWAYS right.
Heart of gold that will do anything for people she loves.
WARNING: Don't mess with this kind of chick cause she will always win.
Don't even try and argue with this bird.....she is WAY too much of a Jannie.
by Snappy Turtle January 26, 2009
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Average,smart,funny,chill,cute, and beautiful.

Jannie is nice and very intelligent never gives up on what she loves
Jannie is a lover who loves her friends and will do anything for them
by Babysues June 29, 2017
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He is fit asf and I would do him anyday!🤤🤤
Jannie is fit asf yanno!
by Suck_my_arse July 29, 2019
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Short for janitor. In internet forums and imageboards, referred to users who are tasked with maintaining the quality of posts, such as cleaning up spam. Usually has less authority than a moderator.
by Anonymous March 18, 2019
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A name that fits for beautiful individuals. Known to have a great sense of humor and very lovable
Did you meet Janni ? She's such a beautiful and funny person. She's so lovable and kind
by Ms fruity July 6, 2011
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