1. Sex position in which the female lays on her side while the man is kneeling ir standing.

2. To be dooped ( see fucked over).

3. Exclamatory term used when frustrated.
1. Fuck me sideways tonight, please.

2. You've really fucked me sideways.

3. "Fuck me sideways," while in a fit of road rage.
fuck me sideways
by PineappleJuice March 14, 2015
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An ejaculation that, when uttered sarcastically, say by someone like Aubrey Plaza, may be a response to not being surprised at news that is supposed to be surprising or enlightening, as being fucked sideways allows the vagina to be both more deeply penetrating and stimulated in a greater variety of places than most other types of fucking. It may also refer to the desire to exit oneself from an undesirable situation to a much better one.
Although technically Judy Garland could have clicked her heels and intoned the words "Fuck me sideways" as opposed to "There's no place like home," the screenwriters were perhaps wise to leave the former idiom for the inevitable slew of Wizard of Oz pornos to follow.
by Solanas69 April 04, 2019
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when you either get a fright or you could just find something mind blowing.
p griff ;)
'did you hear the worlds gonna end" "fuck me sideways not again"
by pgdog August 29, 2018
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when the man is on his side, and the woman is laying next to him on her back with the penis inside the vagina and their legs intertwined.
Oh baby, i love it when you fuck me sideways.
by whatever you want it to be April 19, 2005
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a term used when somebody fucks up royaly and can’t think of anything to say so they just say “fuck me sideways”
someone: *eats friend’s pet bird by accident* “fuck ME sideways”😤😤
by ur dad text me hey April 13, 2018
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