A term used in Blade Trinity by the charactor Hannibal (Ryan Reynolds)
"Well fuck me! Fuck me!"
by mhcrose August 27, 2006
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When you're left wordless and awed by something...
It might be heart-rending, it might be confounding...but mostly it's something that leaves you feeling less ego-centric and grateful to be a smaller bit of the human experience.
"Well, fuck me! Didja see that Golden Retriever just save a whole family from a burning building and then help an old lady across the street straight thereafter?"
by Hymay April 14, 2014
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A phrase of surprise. A reaction to something unexpected. Often followed by "And Pokey too." from a bro who is equally surprised
Dude: Hey, Donald Trump got the nomination.
Second dude: Well, fuck me, Gumby!
Third dude: And Pokey too!
by ZenTam July 19, 2016
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