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A mistress. Generally used by Americans of Southern Italian descent. Thought to be derived from the from proper Italian noun "cumadre".
As long as you take care of the house and the kids and are around most of the time, a good italian wife doesn't mind if you get a gumada.

My pop told me long ago, the cardinal rule to fucking around is this: NEVER fall in love with your gumada.
by succulentboi March 18, 2004
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Suicidal islamist terrorist, bent on death in the course of the infliction of injury, mayhem or death of "infidels".
There I was, just walking down Cortlandt Street one fine late summer morning when some friggin' salaamikaze went and crashed a huge Boeing into the tower!
by succulentboi March 18, 2004
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Derived from Donald Rumsfeld, erstwhile SECDEF and all-around meanie, the term "rumsfeldian" is an adjective used to describe a truly tremendous blunder, such as NOT pursuing the jihadis in Afghanistan or invading/occupying a hostile country with far too few troops.
He really screwed the pooch on that one! It was positively rumsfeldian!!
by succulentboi August 25, 2004
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from the Greek "meso" meaning "middle" or "between", and "potamos" meaning "river", Mesopotamia refers to the ancient land straddling the Tigris and Euphrates, currently more or less the site of a completely artificial nation called Iraq, which was cobbled together by the Frogs and the Limies in 1919 out of a few odd Ottoman provinces.

There's a lot of oil there, but no weapons of mass destruction.
The Neocons in DC want us to piss away all our national wealth in an ill advised adventure in Mesopotamia
by succulentboi August 17, 2004
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Also known by the name "shook yong", koro is a mental disease prevalent among East Asian males, the symptoms of which are chiefly an irrational fear that the subject's "membrum virile" will disappear up into his body.

Sufferers often resort to the use of elaborate clamps or clasps to alleviate the fear.
Huang would not let go of his pecker -- he was having a koro attack, and feared that it would get sucked up into his body if he let go.
by succulentboi August 23, 2004
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COMPOUND VERB - to use a woman for casual sex and then avoid any contact with her.

NOUN - any woman so treated.

Ironically, the only individuals who EVER use the phrase are virgin geek losers who post on FC all day long and never really meet women in real life...
"That fat bottle-blonde floozy is a total fuck and chuck!"

She thought, now that they had made love, that she and Tony were going steady. Instead, she was fucked and chucked.
by succulentboi May 04, 2003
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