For people who are too lazy to type out the entire phrase, "Fuck You".

Often used in computer speak.

"fu imma kya!"

FU can be referred to as, "Intarwebs Engrish".
by RawrNinjaRawr March 12, 2009
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2 possible notations in the algorithms for a mini, rubiks, revolution, and professor cube. In other words it's termonology for the 2x2, 3x3, 4x4,....AxA rubik's cube.

There are other notations such as R and L (right and left). Adding a lover case I (i) after each notation means it is the inverted notation (opposite).
F R U Ri Ui Fi is an algorithm for the rubik's cube. F U are 2 notations in the algorithm.
by Neilzy January 03, 2008
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