Look at all the WT in WalMart today...the trailer parks must be empty!
by weave March 21, 2003
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Acronym for White Trash; usually used to describe a White Trash person while in the vacinity of that person and not to cause attention.

Normal identifiers of WT include: Carrying a roll of cash with a large denomination bill, usually a $20, wrapped around many $1 dollar bills, and then flaunting it; Calling oneself a professional when their profession is landscaping, but really consists of mowing lawns and keeping that lawnmower in one's own pickup truck; Using the pickup line, "I own my own business," when the business is a power cleaning machine, a pickup truck, and oneself; Living in a run down part of town and claiming, "I choose to live here but I don't have to."; Never talking to ones mom cause the only thing she has said in the last 10 years is that your a loser and will never amount to anything; Always attempting to "one up" everyone because they feel inferior; Drinks "King Cobra" 40's and thinks its cool because they drank it when they were in high school; Just added an air intake on their pickup truck; Looks up to an uncle more than ones own father, because he has made it and will take me with him, but in reality, doesn't give a sh*t about the WT individual; Buying a Honda Prelude as a second/sports/weekend car thinking its an item to brag about, and then proceeding to wreck it and make oneself even more incompetent by getting a concussion; Bedding a second cousin and then telling all of your friends, thinking that its perfectly acceptable; Taking steroids to make oneself feel less inferior and then gaining gym rate friends which you are secretly jealous of because they own their own landscaping business; etc...
"Look at that WT"
"How WT is that?"
"Is this too WT for me to wear?"
"That WT guy just tried to hit on me by asking if I wanted a Natty Light, WTF is Natty Light doing on tap at this bar!?!?!"
by Meknowsit July 26, 2009
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WT is an acronym for Work Time.
A: Let's go watch a movie
B: no, I've been playing all day. It is now WT.
by worktime October 18, 2010
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white trash, acronym for white trash used because it is easier to say and less offensive in public
some parts of Alabama are so wt its sad.
by kroovy June 9, 2007
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White trashy by nature....anything done in west virginia.
by Klein April 11, 2003
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is an acronym for what the

usualy used by people who dont want to cuss or cant pick between hell or fuck
Friend on im: so i ate a whole bag of chees balls
recipiant: WT
by cantbelieve it April 30, 2010
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Him: What's up, WT?
Her: *slaps him and walks away*
by Panic! 21 Falling Chemicals October 4, 2018
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