Typically a fake or soft ass person. Someone who talks but doesnt do shit. Sometimes also know as a boules or a bitch.
Ezzat did not want to go out with his friends because he has a girlfriend and is scared of her. Ezzats friend told him to stop acting fufu.
by bigdickhandler1983 February 4, 2015
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Fufu/Fufuo means "mash" in Twi (language of the Akan ethnic groups in Ghana) and is a specific staple food for the Akans in southern part of Ghana and Ivory Coast, West Africa but now commonly features in many West and Central African countries in different textures but not every doughy African foods are Fufu.

Fufuo (also means white and derived from the white color of cassava) is soft doughy swallow food made out of boiled cassava mixed with plantains or coco yams and pounded together in a mortar (waduro) with a pestle (woma) unique to the Akans and only eaten with liquid soups (nkwan) such as, Light soup (Nkrakra nkwan), palm nut soup, peanut soup, Abunabun soup (green vegetable) with meats, fishes, snails, crabs, mushrooms and okro (nkruma) on the side. Fufuo/fufu is usually served in Asanka or Ayowaa (an earthware bowl; black or red in color).

Right way to eat Fufu:

Take a piece of the Fufu , make a hole in it, scoop the soup and swallow, never chew the Fufu.

In the typical Akan region in Ghana, Fufuo is mostly use but Ghanaian businesses men used only the name Fufu when they processed the authentic Fufuo/Fufu into cassava/plantains /coco yam flour years ago and sold mainly in Ghana markets in most western countries such as America because they couldn't pound the Fufu just they would in Ghana, as it's very noisy when pounding and it became popular among other Africans and parts of the Caribbean and now almost every African doughy foods are being called Fufu.
Fufu spicy plantains with palm oil food called Eto. Fufu spicy dry roasted cassava grain with palm oil food called Gari Foto.
by Awura Adwoa February 11, 2021
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Fufu is an ancient african dish it is a thick paste usually made by boiling starchy root vegetables . It is believed it was made in the Juju tribe who originated from Nigeria from the West of Africa. One of the characteristics of the Juju tribe is seen in paintings which is big lips, this characteristics is seen in descendant of juju tribe members in Nigeria only Nigeria.
-"The young boy made fufu by boiling starch for his hungry family"
-"The bigged lipped boy was clearly a descendant of the Juju tribe"
by gyaboo September 30, 2011
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Fake shoes, replicas, not original.
“Hey you have some nice shoes
“Thanks man I appreciate your complement”
“Are those the new Jordan 1s?”
“Ooh no those are fufu
by Unknown urban dude February 1, 2022
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You are trash and have no life, and you like to act like a dumbass. Popularized by solluminati and his shooter.
Naw you a fufu boy fo sho fo sho, and you be spamming shit on that girls twitch say goodbye my nigga.
by AtticIsMyCity December 17, 2017
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A nigga who acting gay or is gay. Most likely having a huge chin
Devin *stares while smiling*
Alex chill being fufu dude
by Lad9 qiri March 23, 2018
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