n. a general term of explanation following a random spree shooting of occupied buildings; a catch-all motive for irrational violence; an informal legal term enveloping an invalid theory of defense

v. to frusterate (-ed)
"I shot up my exgirlfreind's house while she and her mother were inside, and also the convencience store on the corner, as well as the diner down the street, but it was only because of my frusteration with the current state of political affairs."

"You can't frusterate me like that and not expect to be shanked."

"Your honor, my client would not have burned down the victim's mailbox had she not continuously frusterated him by allowing her dog to defecate in his yard."
by rannray July 27, 2017
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The number of anal beads that can fit in Phil's ass
Phil: "man I thought I could handle 2 yards, but the frusteration is really setting in.
by skindog73 January 26, 2012
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A cross between something that is both very interesting and frustrating at the same time. It could be in any amount of each but you must feel both for it to be frusterenting.
I am so sick of putting together this train set, I'm so intersted in trains but these little parts of so frustrating! I'm frusterented!

I'm really interested in that chick, she's so interesting yet at the same time frustrating. I don't think she'll ever go out with me but she's so frusterenting!
by lexicon_T January 18, 2012
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To give short bursts of intense pleasure; take past the point of endurable foreplay; pull into a vortex of pleasure without release.
When she took him into her mouth and sucked on just his head, Bradley gasped and pushed her away, claiming it was too "frusterating".
by Nurse Emily September 05, 2010
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Thinking back to your last intercourse and contemplating over what you could've done better
guy 1: How was it last night?
guy 2: Meh... I'm sexually frusterated, I can't get over how long it took her to orgasm
by Gizrik November 09, 2016
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