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Thinking back to your last intercourse and contemplating over what you could've done better
guy 1: How was it last night?
guy 2: Meh... I'm sexually frusterated, I can't get over how long it took her to orgasm
by Gizrik November 9, 2016
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A cool Japanese site that has a bunch of hot sex toys and food and figurines etc.

They give their affiliates so much money that you can swim in it
Man in Prius: "I work at McDonald"
Me in Lambo: "jlist"
by Gizrik August 27, 2018
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Unlike binge watching, bulimic watching is when you watch a few episodes of a show and drop it immediately do to the fact "you've seen enough to know it's gonna be shit". This is repeated for most shows the person watches. They then act like they've seen the whole show when giving feedback on how bad it is.
Tamir dropped Stranger Things after 2 episodes, but acts like he has seen every episode when telling people how shit it is. My nigga is bulimic watching all the time
by Gizrik October 28, 2018
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One of the best and funniest ironic youtubers out there. Known for his xd's and his really low quality ear-rape microphone, Michael P makes low quality gameplay videos, mostly revolving around roblox. He has many videos of him going to innapropriate places on roblox, and his most known one being him going to a strip club in roblox at very low fps and screaming in high distortion. Michael P is racking up subs with every video he makes, and the little amount of dislikes he receives on his videos shows that this world still has a chance.
by Gizrik December 26, 2016
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A kid who sings minecraft parodys ironically and has been in many youtubers videos.
Person 1: who is minecraft awesome parodys?
Person 1: play that noteblock nicely
by Gizrik May 11, 2017
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