An effort that is both fruitless and futile
by Michael January 10, 2005
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To be knocked unconscious, or in more extreme cases, killed by fruit, i.e. a coconut falling on your head or people throwing apples at you.

Derived from Mortal Kombat's 'FATALITY' finishes.
Jamal: Man, did you hear about Ken the other night?

Bill: No dog, what happened?

Jamal: Done gone hit on the head by a coconut, knocked him clean out!

Bill: K.O.! Fruitality!
by Tiggerback May 22, 2010
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As opposed to being brutally honest, being fruitally honest adds a layer of humor to the honesty
We are fruitally honest
by Inot July 29, 2017
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When all the capabilities of producing fruit are present
My pineapple plant took two years but is is now fruital.
by Punkin ok November 17, 2018
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