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A WYSIWYG web site editor, brought to you by Microsoft Corporation.

Also known as the fastest, most painful, destructive and thorough method of raping perfectly good HTML. An extremely dangerous tool in the hands of the relatively computer-illiterate.
Student 1: "What's up?"
Student 2: "Marcel's done his part of the assignment in bloody Frontpage!"
Student 1: "Fuck."
by Flynn_Mac May 6, 2006
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Unbelieveably excellent, especially in a chilled-out, laid back way.

See also frood.

{::froodier, -est; unfroody. Origin: Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guilde to the Galaxy books.}
Mate, there is no eating place froodier than Newtown Thai 2

Theatresports at Manning is just damn froody.

He's got to be the froodiest guy I've ever met.

Damn, why the hell are the SRC being so unfroody about VSU?
by Flynn_Mac May 6, 2006
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So absolutely, brilliantly wonderful that you have to make up a concatenation of two perfectly acceptable words to describe it.

Often preceded by "like".
OMFG the concert was, like... incredicool.

Maaaate, that's just, like, incredicool.
by Flynn_Mac May 6, 2006
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Unbelieavably, cringe-worthily bad.

Often preceded by "like".

(cf unfroody)
They said what?! Mate, that's, like, incredigay.
by Flynn_Mac May 6, 2006
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