9 definitions by Random F. F. Dent

An expression used on Blagulon Kappa (according to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Series).
Used to confirm something said by another.
"So your'e saying I'm froody?" "Badabingo."
by Random F. F. Dent July 1, 2019
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A bird that looks or seems nerdy. Usually used when referring to a semi-froody birb.
"Does that bird look nerdy to you?" "Yeah, it's a nerdybirdy"
by Random F. F. Dent June 28, 2019
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An evil company that believes water is not a human right.
Nestle should be raided as a test run before area 51
by Random F. F. Dent July 16, 2019
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Something/Someone that is both froody and unfroody.
"Hey, am I froody?" "Nah, you're semi-froody"
by Random F. F. Dent June 27, 2019
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a politer way of calling someone an absolute a-hole.
That triangleprisma is such a quacc.
by Random F. F. Dent July 7, 2019
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A person that does a chain break (and another name for a "chain breaker"). A triangleprisma will break any chain they see, no matter the type.
triangleprisma: *breaks chain*
person1: "Wow a triangleprisma just broke the chain again. So sad."
by Random F. F. Dent July 2, 2019
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