A hypocritical freeloading lowlife, who is content with living off of other peoples wealth. And blames everyone else in life for their problems.
Hey willie guess what I'm getting for christmas? "What?" A new private jet from my aunt debbie! Man your acting just like the glazes down the street!

Sorry I got in trouble at school today dad. Those retarded glaze kids blamed me for blowing up the bathroom!
by Red Scrotum's October 25, 2011
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(Adj.) A coating of ejactulate upon a surface.
Nice aim! The fuckin' Wigga did a window glaze again, dude!

Sorry man! I missed my biatch
by D'emon November 13, 2002
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To try and play someone for a fool.
She thought I was a donut, she tried to glaze me..

- Eric B. and Rakim
by ritchieb May 2, 2008
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To pour more alcohol on the top of your drink.
This drink isn't strong enough! Glaze my shit, will you?
by Niikura December 24, 2008
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To glaze someone is to cum on their breasts, and then proceed to spread it all over with your hands, tongue or any other body part. The result is extremely satisfying for the male as the breasts end up looking like glazed donuts.
"Hey Johnny, wouldn't you wanna glaze that chicks tits"
"Yea mate, I'd leave her tits looking like Krispy Kreme glazed donuts!"
by Insan3Chi1d June 30, 2015
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A spell for mind manipulation. Makes the target forget what they were doing at the moment.
A couple officers approached us, but I used a Glaze on them to send them away.
by Kwing October 29, 2009
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