(noun) An enormous, fatty enlargment of the abdomen, genital, and thigh region that morphs together to create the appearance of a bulbous ass on a persons front.

Male sufferers of front butt syndrome often have dickdo disease, while female sufferers can be known to have a condition called a gunt.
I saw a woman with a bad case of front butt, it looked as though she had stuffed a pillow down the front of her pants.
by R February 15, 2005
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not the regular butt in the back, but go around front and you will have your front butt aka your genitals. p and vaG
"ima stick this crayon in your front butt"
by william T williamson July 13, 2008
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A convention way of tiptoeing around the word vagina.
"Either you have a fish in your pocket or your front butt needs some maintenance."
by Shope March 19, 2007
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her camel toe was so big, it looked like another butt... in her front...
by Matt Parker (parkman47) November 15, 2002
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A person with a large stomach that bulges out from the top of the pants and usually resembles a butt-ox.
Yo, did you see the front butt on that bitch? it was ridiculous son!
by edward Fendley May 6, 2008
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her poochcoochie made me vomit when i touched it
by Anonymous March 31, 2003
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a front butt...when someone is so fat that it looks like they have a front butt
look at that front butt
shave that front butt
dont forget to floss and brush your front butt
by EZ MUNY October 28, 2006
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