The usual and typical everyday mexican food, a must have in your house if you are mexican. They can either be brown or black, you know beans!
Juanito: Hey so what are you going to eat later on?
Maria: OH u kno, frijoles and maybe some tortillas.
Juanito: oh right,what a beaner, well save me some.
by gbaby aka Sandra November 27, 2007
The most fire thing ever made but it gives you the gas
I met up with Frijol to smoke the boof
by shartinghippo February 28, 2018
The utter disappointment and anger felt after a typical encounter with an illegal immigrant.
Today, I was frijoled by Juanita and her 7 children. They cut me off in the grocery line and proceeded to pay with food stamps, W.I.C., and coupons. I was a half hour late to work after purchasing my 3 items.
by sdlivin October 7, 2011
A promiscuous Latino woman, used by English speakers. From "free hole, eh?"
Susanna is such a frijole she don't know who her kid's father is.
by Col. Dr. April 24, 2006
Frijoled means to get beaned, but in Spanish. Don't know what getting beaned is? Look it up.
You frekin césped, you just got frijoled!
by Big_D14 February 23, 2017
An action characterized by a woman pleasuring herself. Where the bean resembles the clitoris and the female hereby flicks it in a repetitive motion to entice and orgasm. Also known as "Flicking the bean".
Look at ol'girl over ther she's flicking the frijol!!!
by William A. Alief, TX March 30, 2011