A Susanna is a perfect definition of what a woman should be. Susannas usually have blonde or light colored hair, either dyed or natural. Susannas usually have amazing personalities and are very sensitive to other peoples feelings. Also their great taste in music makes them highly desirable women. If you date a Susanna, consider yourself lucky, because you might not get the honor again.
Wow Susanna is so pretty.

Dang, I wish my hair was as luscious as Susannas.
by Billabongsurfer April 6, 2013
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The best possible person you can ever meet. Not all Susannas are the same, but these apply to most of them.
they're nice, kind, and shy.
Susanna the nicest in the world.
by Aphol May 4, 2020
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"Susanna" is a term of endearment for a woman. These "Susanna" type of women generally come in the form of a co-worker or close friend sitting right by your side, quite literally. If you meet a woman who's acting quite "Susanna", then you may want to take a second or third look at them if you've passed them up romantically in the past; this is because a "Susanna" is prime grade A+ wifey material but you just haven't realized yet.
That girl was acting so "Susanna", I think I just may marry her if I ever get divorced.
by Mickey Rodgers July 10, 2018
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Susanna is a very competitive, fast, and sportsman-like girl. She’s gorgeous and loves to go on adventures. (Ex: hiking, camping, bike riding, etc.) Shes usually popular and has the bestest personality. Her friends don’t deserve her and she doesn’t deserve everything she has to go through, but she’s willing to do it for others. She’s thoughtful and has a fire in her that keeps her going through anything. She’s a little short tempered but it benifits her in certain situations. Everyone loves her and she deserves nothing but the best. This is only a short page to the book that is Susanna.
I’m really nervous for the compitition today...”
“We’re going against Susanna!”
by Maddie12345678900987654321 April 13, 2018
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she's not popular, but she doesn't care, she hates being the center of attention.
He gets too attached.
She likes the feeling after taking a shower, she likes it when she is alone and she likes to fantasize.
She is sought out when they need her, she feels used, and sometimes she really wants someone to love her, because she doesn't love her.
Susanna:” self-confidence comes if others believe in you”

amiche di Susanna:"è vero"
by May 16, 2021
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the best friend anyone could ever ask for. trust her with anything and she wont let you down. the most gangster white woman you will ever see; extremely nice and caring. Also see: Awesome, Homie, and lylah

lylah susanna (:
"she is almost as good as susanna"
by i<3livvy May 1, 2009
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amazing. pretty. the girl that always makes you smile, who makes happiness happen.
by ehufibjlkdnfrwliuyghfjkerwgliu December 10, 2010
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