Hit in the head with a thrown object. Originally a baseball term, in that context it means "hit in the head with a pitch."
Did you see that? She just beaned him with a dead fish!
by Tyler July 28, 2004
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To fulfill the task at hand, and to forsake it completely. To defeat your enemy in a glorious fashion, while giving up during the very first minutes of the battle. To enslave, yet still dignify. To bean someone, is to do many things. It is a word used to conquer, but never to humiliate. The degree is arbitrary, the definitions blurred by history and time.

Powerful words shan't be given meaning by mere men. Thus beaning will forever remain as a neutral term for action of any kind. To seek the meaning of the word alone, will still classify as beaning. Use it as you wish. Beware however, as those who speak the word can go to neither heaven or hell.
I've beaned you.
Absolutely beaned.
A lot of beaning going on over here.
by the forenoon of Friday October 28, 2020
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When someone gets spooped by a bean meme

Ive been tricked! Bamboozled! Triggered! BEEEEEEEENED!
by Your mynoduesp October 27, 2016
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a synonym for rammed ; tackled.
Yo my back hurts during PE Johnny beaned me.
by The Definition Of Finesse ; Me September 12, 2018
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To be wasted on Ecstasy tablets.
"I was WELL beaned last nite bruv!"
by sirdropsalot March 21, 2007
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When a boy touches you on accident or on purpose by either brushing or hitting his balls against you. He may be touching his balls in general. This could also mean he or you are playing with his sack.
"Woah that guy totallly just beaned me"

"Ummmm is that guy beaning himself???"

"I want her to bean me so bad"
by kcud May 19, 2014
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beaned as in beanedandtoasted.com, the trendsetter for UK student lifestyle.
you have been beaned - you have been beanedandtoasted
by pookle July 25, 2004
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