13 definitions by Lambchops

To be very, very drunk. This term is used almost exclusively in the west of Scotland.
I went oot last night and I was pure mortal, man!
by Lambchops November 23, 2004
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Inane phrase uttered by many people when testing microphones.
Testing, testing, one two, one two. Yeah I think it's working.
by Lambchops November 24, 2004
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A decidedly ironic word.

Considering that when words such as cheese become officially considered as random words they then cease to become random and in fact become irritating and even dull.

Maybe another word should be created for things which are turly said out of the blue as using the word random just demeans them.
Inane idiot 1 - HEHE Cheese!

Inane idiot 2 - That was, like, so random.
by Lambchops November 30, 2004
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Transposing the letters of two words to form new ones.

Usually done when you are talking faster than your brain can keep up with.
An unfortunate spoonerism:

The gymnasts displayed some cunning stunts.
by Lambchops December 07, 2004
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Star of the brilliant sitcom spaced and movie Shaun of the Dead.

Quite possibly the funniest comic actor in recent years.
Simon Pegg is the man.
by Lambchops November 24, 2004
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The place where one buys fish and chips.

Otherwise known as the Chip Shop.
I'm gonna get a fish supper at the chippy.
by Lambchops November 24, 2004
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