A sexual position in which a man ejaculates inside of the partner's anus and orders them to spew said ejaculation on their face/mouth cavity.
Guy 1: Dude, Stacy TOTALLY gave me the frenchman's delight last night!
Guy 2: I won't lie man, that's totally gay and horrific.
by mr.empty666 March 26, 2011
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Your mad at your significant other and want to let them know about it, right before work. You go into the washroom you both use, knowing they will have to use it after you, and take the slam(dump) of the century. You hop into the shower and when your done crank up the water temperature all the way to the left, making the bathroom steam and reak of shit. You quickly exit the bathroom and your significant other walks in, you hold the door shut... and voila... the dirty frenchman has been accomplished.
hey buddy, last night Jess was being a bitch so this morning i pulled the dirty frenchman manouver on her
by jman365 May 5, 2008
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when you ejaculate into your significant other's mouth and then french kiss him/her
"dude i herd Jeff gave his mom a buttery frenchman
by mfesta300 January 17, 2015
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Im takin' this horse by tge reins making red coats redder with blood stains!
And im never gonna stop till i make 'em drop and scatter their remains im-
I go to France for more funds!
I come back with more guns!...and ships...
by x.america_the_hero.x January 6, 2017
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After cumming in a girls butt, you pull out and put it in her mouth.
I gave her the crying frenchman
by jmfbunch September 12, 2011
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Generally used to describe someone that is emitting a strong, foul body odor. However, may apply to describe anything with a putrid, rancid smell.
Roger's refusal to bath on a regular basis had become unbearable. He was finally confronted by his boss who told him there were too many complaints about him smelling Like a Frenchman's Armpit.
by Eaton Holgoode April 22, 2015
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1) A slight insult, but overall, a compliment. Origionating from the French and their absolute nil military victories, it is said that by now they should be quite good at running the other way.

2) Running that looks like a girl running, but is still quite fast. After all, if you run from all those wars, you'll get rather good.
guy 1: Dude, Jimmy runs like a frenchman!
guy 2:...y'mean...really fast?
by Clayton Bigsby April 20, 2005
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