frinch'-man: A male human from/residing in France.
Look at that guy who lives in and/or came from France! He is such a Frenchman!
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someone who hasnt won a war in a long, long time.
American: hey remember world war II?
Frenchguy:No, i do not recall.
American:I thought you'd say that you little frenchman pussy bastard.
by krimsonnazi November 1, 2009
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a worthless mofo that would give up a war if it was with a peice of paper
frenchman:Oh no i better give up or i might get a paper cut
by Tru KillA July 14, 2003
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someone who criticize america and mocks the country and its people until some kind of battle or war comes along then they come begging for help.
"I'm am a frenchman fuck you america i cando what i want" pause "what, the germans are comeing? America America oh i love you i love you.
by jibbajabba December 16, 2004
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A Frenchman is a two-faced creature. A backstabber. A coward. A Frenchman can be recognised by careful observation. Greedy, slovenly, snobbish (boorish) behavior is typical of the Frenchman.This definition includes French Canadians-usually bi-sexual (often closeted).
A Frenchman is usually someone just back from Club Med.One who has the elegance and savoir faire to keep you entriqued just long enough to really screw you over..
by Elizabeth Youknowwho August 27, 2006
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a baguette eating surrendering self centered probably gay pussy
“wow something about that guy really just makes me want to punch him in the face”
“yeah, he’s a frenchman”
by Carry On My Wayward Gerard November 18, 2018
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