A person who sucks. also very smelly, hasnt done shit for the usa since the revolutionary war and were late even then, hasnt won a war since...., preferrs to suck there own ass than fight, a person who surrenders to anyone, a whiny ass loser

why would anyone want to go to france, there are french people there.
by lola January 09, 2005
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A Frenchman is a two-faced creature. A backstabber. A coward. A Frenchman can be recognised by careful observation. Greedy, slovenly, snobbish (boorish) behavior is typical of the Frenchman.This definition includes French Canadians-usually bi-sexual (often closeted).
A Frenchman is usually someone just back from Club Med.One who has the elegance and savoir faire to keep you entriqued just long enough to really screw you over..
by Elizabeth Youknowwho August 27, 2006
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A white person around whom other white people are self-conscious.
When a Frenchman eats snails, other white people will do the same.
by ips dnok July 01, 2015
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A.a coward,originated from them surendering in several wars
B.a pain in the arse, a shity race of people that is increasing and taking over the lovely country of france *sighs* it was such a beautiful country.
why are running a way and not helping me get out this burning house what are you? a frenchman?
by sillouette April 10, 2006
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A worthless Fuck who thinks he’s better than anyone...French person can suck my dick
Why you gotta be such a French Man!
by A true South African November 17, 2018
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a baguette eating surrendering self centered probably gay pussy
“wow something about that guy really just makes me want to punch him in the face”
“yeah, he’s a frenchman”
by Carry On My Wayward Gerard November 17, 2018
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