a baguette eating surrendering self centered probably gay pussy
“wow something about that guy really just makes me want to punch him in the face”
“yeah, he’s a frenchman”
by Carry On My Wayward Gerard November 18, 2018
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getting hit in the balls so hard that you scream like a little girl.
"Dude, i just gave Johnny The Frenchman like none other."
"Man you're a jackass, Mark."

if you want another example. see the Ouch! video of a skiier on youtube, you will understand.
by Sean Henderson October 3, 2007
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When during oral sex you kiss and swirl your tongue around the clit and finish by gently blowing on the clit.
Last night he gave me The Frenchman. It was amazing!

blow oral sex
by Cakeface1213 December 5, 2015
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A white person around whom other white people are self-conscious.
When a Frenchman eats snails, other white people will do the same.
by ips dnok July 1, 2015
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White wine or champagne made dirty by adding olive juice. The drink came about from an episode of the cartoon "Home Movies"
"Time to forget the book and make some drinks of my own. Let's see, wine, olive juice, voila! The Dirty Frenchman!"
by tofubot June 12, 2009
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When a man ejaculates on the chin of a woman and then proceeds to shave his pubic hair then plaster it on her chin.
Conrad- "did you see that hot ass girl walkin down the street before?!"

David- "yeahh dude, i'd toootally give her the frenchman."
by salutations January 7, 2010
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While having a sex with a girl from behind he quickly removes his cock from her asshole and quickly replaces it with a stale loaf of French Bread, never ever replace the French bread or the integrity of the act will be lost.
Damn Jim gave me the best Screaming Frenchman last night. I can't walk properly now, i think i still have some crumbs up there.
by 1234567paper February 6, 2011
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