the people i praise and pray to every night
this consists of Mao, Lenin, Stalin, Karl Marx Ho chi minh ...
Praise Stalin N O W
Did you see the picture of Stalin and frens that i hanged up on my bedroom?
by Big Ounce aka bruv December 20, 2017
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When the lingual frenulum under your tongue is raw and sore from performing oral sex for a long period of time. Usually from lapping the labia or tongue punching the booty.
I can barely eat today. I got raw fren from eating Rachel’s box all night last night.

I tongue punched your mom’s fart box for two hours. Now I got one raw fren braaaaahhhh.
by Eaton Holgoode January 22, 2018
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Two teenage guys that are in a bromance but at the same time are frenemies. A common word to make fun of two teenage guys who act like they are the best of friends when near eachother, but also slam eachother constantly behind eachother's backs.
Sage: Dude, I know right, we should totally hit the fair this weekend.
Corbin: Yeah, bro! Gimme your number and I'll get Quay to text you when we get there.
.!.Corbin slaps Sage on back and walk away.!.
Sage (to a friend:) ha, wow I can't believe he actually cut his hair that way. Gina's definatly gonna dump him.
Corbin (to a friend:) Look how gay he walks. He walks like a f*ckin Barbie!
This would be a bad yet as best as I could come up with example of FREN-A-BROS...!
by iluboohgabbers October 11, 2009
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Bes Frens is a type of relationship that is somewhere between being Best Friends and actually dating. The people that are bes frens will constantly make out but will not date for some strange reason. People who are bes frens make out so much to the point where it’s annoying.
Kevin: Hey guys can you stop making out every five seconds!
Brendan: What (kisses Haeleigh) do you mean (kisses again)
Kevin: If you guys like kissing so much then fucking date already.
Haeleigh: No we are (kisses Brendan AGAIN) just Bes Frens.
by UniformDread792 November 3, 2019
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A fren of all and #2 of the bois in the select variety, a fren gren will hand you dyslexia medication if you need it because thats what friends are for.
kid 1: why do they call him fren gren
kid 2: because he's friend to all
by quinnthebigemo July 24, 2019
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a BES FREN is 10 times better than a normal best friend , is such a crackhead , beautiful, smart and stupid a bes fren will make. ur life happier ,a bes fren always has the best advices for you , they always got your back no matter what
person1: BES FRENNNNNN I missed you so much

person2 : me mor bes fren i love. u BES FREN
by periodbitchoe December 5, 2019
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1. A "grand friend". The best friend you could ever have. They make you very happy and want to do silly things, like dance a crazy dance, or sing a song about oatmeal. When extremely happy, you say the term "gran fren" in baby talk, to let your friend know how much you actually care about them.

2.When you walk the mall, and you see someone you highly admire, or think looks really funny. Showing your admiration, you shout "Oh, Gran Fren!"
1. Tina: Happy birthday, I got you this nice easy bake oven present.
Patty: Oh! You my gran frien!

2.(A tall man that looks like Paul Bunyon walks by.)
Laura: Oh! gran fren!
by Kimberly Alison July 17, 2006
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