F: Far
R: Right
E: Ethno
N: National

A short version of "friend" used online by incels and neo-nazis.
don't worry fren, those Jews can't hurt you
by moxymoose April 29, 2021
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Fren is a slang term for friend that originated from a tøp song called "Coconut Sharks In The Water", it is used mostly by the skeleton clique and it can replace the word "friend" in any sentence.
by holyshitimalive August 27, 2017
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A friendly frog who wears a blue shirt.
Fren 1: henlo fren, good day today right?
Fren 2: ye fren, good thing the (((Longnose))) isn't here.
by Nogurr November 27, 2021
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Like friends but more retarded.
Hi Frens!
by MickeyMCP May 8, 2019
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Common substitute for "friends", because some people couldn't bother to write the whole thing.
My frens and I went shopping in the mall yesterday.
by Hallokillmepls January 13, 2019
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