for those who cry on the inside but dance on the outside
"did you hear that new twenty one pilots song?"
"yeah I cried, I mean danced to it last nite"
by kyl0R3n May 31, 2016
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a band originating in Ohio, consisting of the members Tyler Joseph (singer) and Josh Dun (drummer). They have released 4 albums, twenty one pilots, Regional At Best, Vessel, and Blurryface. they have had two songs from the blurry face album on the radio. Stressed Out and Ride. they have recently become very popular, due to Stressed Out. they are very creative and have very deep and emotional lyrics.
person 1: Twenty One Pilots' song Stressed Out is so good! but it's not one of their best.

person 2: I agree.
by panicinthefallout May 28, 2016
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Two little shits named Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun who like to maintain radio silence for around a year and then suddenly come back in the most cryptic way possible, and then leak songs and make cryptic-ass music videos.
twenty one pilots is such a good band!
by |-/fangirl August 8, 2018
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those epic lads tyler joseph and josh dun that created a band called twenty one pilots and stopped everyone from doing a hannah baker
twenty one pilots? oh those guys that are super fucking depressing yes i love them
by penisdestroyer2010 June 10, 2020
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2 guys with annoying fans, but great complex music. They go wild at their concerts and are genuine people that just enjoy what they do.
wow did u see the twenty one pilots concert they did crazy shit
by heyheyok6 October 29, 2018
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One of the best musical duos ever to live. If you haven't listened to their music then, you are really missing out. And if you don't like them, you have awful tastes in music.
My friend: "Your obsession with Twenty One Pilots, is getting weird."
Me: "Leave now."
by loyal top fan August 1, 2018
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twenty one pilots is the best band in existence. the band consists of two happy boys named tyler joseph and josh dun. tyler joseph is the lead singer aka the only singer. he also goes by the name tyjo and he’s a smol bean who loves to scream, play ukulele and piano, and be sassy. josh dun is the lead drummer aka the only drummer. he also goes by the name jish or jishwa and he’s a cinnamon roll who loves to drum (obviously), backflip, and admire his best fren. their music doesn’t fit into a specific genre. their basically every genre except country. emos argue that twenty one pilots is emo, especially those who worship the emo trinity. twenty one pilots music is contradicting because of how happy it sounds, but the lyrics are so down. sometimes the songs will go from peaceful butterfly meadow, to dark angsty fires of hell in one short second. their hit album is blurryface, but their best album is regional at best just sayin. THEY JUST WANT YOU TO STAY STREET AND STAY ALIVE THEY ARE TOO PRECIOUS FOR THE CLIQUE. their old logo was |-/ but now that trench is somewhat out it’s ||-//
non clique member: cool.
by ifyouneedanydun August 22, 2018
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