Frens is a one of the most cute guy in the world. He's faithful and friendly but he only love one girl in his life.
girl: (shy) heeeeyyy. .. frens you're cute!
frens: heyyy.... thank you my girlfriend is cute too hahahahaha
girl: (shy) yes, she is.
by jacyeol June 10, 2021
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People who are named Frens don't come in many different shapes and sizes. Generally a Frens is a chubby white guy who likes to brag about money even though he is more broke than a heroine addicted hobo.
If you ever get near a Frens make sure that you keep a close eye on your steak sandwich and your wallet.
Look at him, bragging about his money, while eating of my plate. He is such a Frens.
by Krennty August 27, 2019
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Bes fren a friend who will stick by you no matter what because they LOVE you with all of there heart <3
by Anyongitsari September 16, 2020
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the best person ever casey is so awesome she’s my bestie my one and only my pal my friend my sista my bes fren
that’s my bes fren yall
by coolcat_69 February 15, 2021
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When you want to avoid confrontation and end the conversation so you just mutually agree to disagree.
Adrian : Tommy i'm better than you in Fifa.

Tommy : Do can my fren.
Adrian : So im better?
Tommy : Do can my fren.
Adrian : Aight you said it.

Tommy : Do can my fren.
Adrian : Screw you.
by chapmav December 24, 2017
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