Frappe is a kind of coffee that is made when you stir instant coffee(in granules) together with a small amount of water in a shaker.Add cold water, ice cubes sugar and milk for a proper "greek island" experience.Because stirring produces foam, make sure you use a tall glass and a straw.Enjoy
Stavros was sipping his frappe at the beach cafe while he was checking out the foreign beauties in their bikinis.
by zouraris August 26, 2005
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A common term used to disguise a person's name. Used only in public situations where said person is able to hear or read it.
Mariah: "You do realize he'll know we're talking about him right?"

Gio: "Nah, FRAPPE will never figure it out."

MAriah: "Smooth. Frappe, you are an idiot."

"Frappe": I think I know who you're talking about, he IS annoying.
by Dr. Frappe April 25, 2011
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noun: frappé; plural noun: frappés
1. A concoction of both male and female seamen directly fresh from the vagina.

(To perform this, Generally in a missionary position, when a man fills up a females' vagina with his semen. Then proceeds to perform oral sex on her. Mouth full of both excretions, the man pours it all into the females mouth.)
1. (of a drink) iced or chilled.
"a crème de menthe frappé
They shared the juiciest frappe of their lives.
by Mr. Silver April 19, 2018
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A group of stereotypical white girls, (Uggs, black yoga pants, all in the same jacket) walking together in public. Usually with Starbucks coffee.
Watch out for the frappe moving towards us, don't want to get trampled.
by Graceful_Nomad December 28, 2017
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A ROBLOX "game" where you order whatever is on the menu. The game is filled with immature children who thinks they're a comedian genius when they are trolling. Honestly, there is no point of this game existing on a specific website.
Tim: "Hey bro wanna troll on Frappe?"
John: "YES let's ask if they have fried rats"
Tim: "omg yes we are comedian geniuses uwu!!"
by 8ighty8 September 2, 2019
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for one to bash off
That Peter had a frapp over Terry Wogan!!
by el tit face July 29, 2003
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