friends that you spend so much time with they're your family. you know, finishing each others sentences and stuff. also known as framily.
"Where's Britt?"
"Oh, she's with the fram."
by seaweedx March 7, 2007
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Fram is spam forwarded to you by friends, colleagues, and most often, family members. Fram was coined at McAfee, Inc.- the security software vendor.
Fram is cutesy, dopey, sappy, rarely really funny, interesting or "awesome" email forwarded to you by someone you know.
by Psychic Dick August 8, 2008
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Prom on a farm.
Wow! Student Council hit an all time low.
Why do you say that?
We are having prom at a farm this year.
Oh, I heard about Fram.
Is it lent?
by King Brittany BARNS April 7, 2008
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Forum spam, i.e. the useless posts submitted to an Internet message board by users whose sole intent is to disrupt the normal functioning of said board and irritate its members
I used to like reading this forum, but now it's just full of fram.
by shempzilla August 4, 2005
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To scoop out the flesh of a fruit and discard the skin, peel, or rind.
You may fram an avocado, a melon, or a citrus, but it is very difficult to fram an apple.
by FramTheAvocado January 21, 2016
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fram, spam, ham, spim, meatloaf... my goodness, we can open a friggin' resturant with these !
by hytham_hammer July 15, 2005
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when someone slams your elbow with something hard, getting hit on the funny bone
David frammed me while I was trying to write an order out, causing me to swear violently at him and wish him ill.
by Dr Plant June 5, 2011
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