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(Noun) The puppet government set up by the school to give some kids a feeling of being special while also giving them no extra power or responsibilities

(Noun) A startup company that is never taken seriously

(Noun) A type of bird found in Canada (Look it up)
School President: Hey guys im in student council
Student: What are you going to do, become a dictator?
School President: No i cant do anything

Floridan: I work for a student council, and nobody believes me

Bird Watcher: Look at the wild, mysterious, and beautiful student council bird flap its wings into the blue Canadian sky!
by CallingAllTortoises April 15, 2019
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a group of students who like to waste schools/students money on silly things. ( turtles, ipods, sand, buttons, and plastic forks..) They laugh alot.
The student council has alot of meetings.
by rosanAHHH November 15, 2007
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