Online gaming term, a killer, or to "frag", used in First-person shooters
*Has just won a game*
Man im a pro fragger!
by KoLdDoOm May 29, 2004
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Somebody who frags someone. To frag means to kill a superior officer by throwing a fragmentation grenade - a tactic used to eliminate warmongers who put lower-ranking soldiers' lives at risk by seeking confrontations, a tactic widely used in Vietnam.
If we had a few more fraggers, they might pull the troops out of Iraq.
by Andy July 31, 2004
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*One who frags.

*A term to refer to a type of grenade. A fragger is a grenade that kills, as opposed to a stunner (stun grenade, aka : flashbang) or a chaffer (chaff grenade).
"Throw the fragger in the manhole!"
-a soldier telling another to throw a frag grenade into the so-mentioned manhole
by Dave March 31, 2004
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a male who is attracted to women who are called grenades, other wise large unattractive women
wow this guy alex at my school is a (total fragger)
by funpooper October 13, 2010
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Fragger, quite blatantly, means "fucker" in DC speak.
"I'm the biggest, baddest mother fraggin' bastich around!"
by Jobot October 19, 2003
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word fragger as killer maenig came with quake. firsktly it was a players nick, later it became a desription.
he's fragger (he just killing everyone)
fragger (players nick)
by {FrAgGeR} (the first1) April 13, 2009
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The stage of drunkeness just after tipsy but on the way to being drunk. Roughly the 3-4 pint stage of a night out.
Rich - How are you feeling mate?
Dan - Fraggered, im on my fourth pint.
by DanRich October 7, 2006
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