Harvard twist on the phrase fucks with which means to kick it with, hang out with, or chill with. Can also be used in an affirmatory response to a question.
From major hit motion picture "How High"

after Harvard is described to them

Silas: Shit, I'll fucks witcha!

Jamal: Shit, I'll fucks witcha, too!

Huntley: And that's a good thing?

Jamal: Yes. That's a "yes"!

Huntley: Then we'll "fox with" with each other.
by The Ridge 171 March 16, 2010
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(noun) A beautiful and attractive woman
She's a stone fox!
by logos November 15, 2002
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Published on September 3, 2013, the parody has become the latest internet video sensation, created by two brothers of a Norwegian talk show. The song revolves around their curiosity of the sound of the fox, but is portrayed through hilarious animal-costumed singers/actors and creepy dancers in masks and ties. The video has been described as the "Gangnam Style" of Norway. As of date, the video already has already gained 32 million views in a mere week, and that number continues to rise.
Girl: Hey guys!

Guy 1: Yoo friends, did you see that crazy video on youtube--

Guy 2: Yeahh, totally, The Fox? It was epicccc.


Guys: ...Ehh, sure.
by WritingByTheStorm September 17, 2013
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A term used to describe someone thought of as very attractive/sexy. Can be used for males or females. See also foxy for adjective form.
Look at her, she's a total fox!

Kathy had a date with a fox last night.
by George February 2, 2004
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1. a hottie
2. a cute orange sly animal
3. a smart, sly person
Heath Ledger is a fox!
by emilyfemily October 21, 2005
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A small animal that says:
Friend: What does the fox say?
Me: If you ask me that or sing it one more time, I will end your existence with a Falcon Punch. God!!
by Jinx the Shadow December 13, 2013
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To be pressured by a number of people to do something; to masturbate with ejaculation during class; to pay for pornographic website memberships via Pay Pal Account linked directly to bank account.
Hey Kevin what are you doing?
Ah brah, I'm just foxing it oh ahhhhhhhh!
Oh it's all over the desk!!!!!
by Shameless Macca April 6, 2011
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