An extremely animated and/or self-narrated punch that resembles that dealt by Captain Falcon (of SNES game F-Zero) in the Nintendo video game Super Smash Brothers. Usually accompanied by the screaming of the phrase "Falcon Punch!"
You: (In a streetfight setting) "Falcon Punch!"
Big burly mugger: "Dude, chill."
by Jim Fields September 2, 2005
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The act of upper cutting the taint/guch area, and lifting the person 1-3 inches in the air causing a girlish scream. All while yelling, "falcon punch!!"
Justin took a brutal falcon punch while going up for a rebound, I think he about did a front flip.
by Brownsfan02 July 3, 2012
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The cause of, and solution to all of life's problems.
Dave: My PC's not working.
John: Just Falcon Punch it.
Dave: Good idea.
by Lock October 17, 2007
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(Fal-cone Pawnch)

Verb: Shouting "Falcon Punch!" when you punch some one.

Noun: A massively powerful and destructive punch made famous by Captain Falcon, the main character from the F-zero game and anime series; characterized by a giant flaming falcon surrounding Captain Falcon's fist when he uses it. The falcon punch is so powerful that if 2 falcon punches collided, the universe would divide by 0 and implode upon itself.
"Haha, you just got Falcon Punch-ed!!!"
by Xenomorph42Q April 28, 2008
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The Falcon Punch is perfection. The Punch that sets ablaze at MACH 7 Speed as it connects withwith it's prey. Be very afraid of a Falcon Punch. Instant death on Smash Bros. at a 40% damage. Captain Falcon is the only God. Top Tier? No. God Tier.
Use of a Falcon Punch ...
When a Falcon Knee hits. Every bone in your sorry fleshy sack that you call yourself goes through immediate obliteration in 1÷Infinity seconds. Your entire body rendered worthless as it experiences the journey passing through Hell and back five times. Unable to move, you are crippled; and so He spares your soul. He has crushed you under his pinky finger because your moves simply weren't good enough. He will seek you through the 9 Hells and snuff out your soul from your useless, puny body. By now you may think yourself better off than the others who faced a similar fate, but He doesn't agree. His fist sets ablaze in a backspin as he hurdles through the fifth dimension and raises to a temperature of 3000°c before he releases his motion through his arm, connecting with your jaw at MACH 7 speed. Instantly. There is no more. You are gone. You failed to show Him your moves, and you suffered your fate. He is Falcon.
by ShreyanM December 27, 2016
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1. A punch so powerful and so mysterious, it holds the capability of breaking through the fabrics of time. There are many complicated theories, but in short, there is no past, nor no future. There is only one tense;The Falcon Punch is the only thing to ever truly exist. All you see is but an illusion. Think of a pond- when you throw a stone into a pond, ripples stream out from it. Due to Captain Falcon Falcon Punching Black Shadow, he destroyed time itself, and that simply repeats itself. It is said if you repeat the words "SHIEN SHIEN SHIEN, SHIEENNN-ZUUU" in a deep bass voice, you will wake up to a Falcon Punch. You will then be taken to the Heavens, led of course, by Captain Falcon.
2. A narrated punch, can generally be used in mid-air. Causes friends/little brothers to cry when spammed repeatedly, along with other cheap moves.
*Universe explodes.*
2. "FALCON PUNCH! Show me ya moves!"
"Tyler, god damnit, all you ever do is spam that stupid fucking move. Go outside, and make some goddamn friends, you prick."
by Sunderhorse/Tyler May 2, 2008
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FALCON... PUNCH!!! *sends Luigi flying off*

Anna: What's the square root of 44?
Brandon: FALCON PUNCH!!!
Anna: What about 134?
Brandon: FALCON PUNCH!!!
by Rei Hano February 13, 2009
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