A breakfast foul is when you do something not meant for breakfast or eat something not meant for breakfast.
Hey! Buttering your muffin is a breakfast foul!
by Kennybot Sniper September 18, 2006
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A very horrible smell that seems to get into every part of your nostrils
What is that!! Is that foul stench emanating from ur pussy, I told you not to do yourself with that old dog bone
by mitch00uk March 29, 2015
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John: How come Phil is not coming to the bachelor party?

Roger: Sarah wanted him to stay in and watch Sex and the City 2.

John: Yeah, that's a definite man foul.
by SafeHouse July 4, 2010
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A penis so disgusting and smelly that it makes you cry when the fumes are inhaled. Can be the result of poor hygiene or disease.

Commonly associated with balls or nuts that reak as well.
Guy: Hey give me a bj.

Girl: No fucking way! You have a foul peener !
by Ténti December 30, 2013
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A term used to describe someone who curses a lot and generally talks about inappropriate and disgusting things.
Girl: I bet you'd love me to finger bang you in your arsehole until you cum.

Boy: Piss off you foul mouthed dirty bitch!
by duelpro2 January 6, 2014
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kind of like a party foul. when you do something unacceptable, such as laughing at your own joke that clearly isn't funny or tripping in public. basically things you should avoid doing.
"did you hear her laugh at her own joke today..that was terrible"

"yeah, that was definitely a personal foul"
by hohawkk July 28, 2009
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Kelly knocked his beer out of his hand. What a party foul.
by Stroll June 28, 2004
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