To have the ball sack of an older man hung in your mouth whilst you are receiving fellatio lying in the middle of a country lane.
Freddie that forsyth your dad gave me was good last night, does Freddie want to do it again tonight?
by Rafking April 6, 2008
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A person whose face is paralyzed on one side. This is most noticeable when the forsythed person smiles, and only one side of their mouth goes up.

Often caused by a stroke or untreated ear infections.

Also related:
forsythed, forsyther
Is that person wasted or are they just a forsythe?
by SpokaneHo January 13, 2012
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The act of fornication or any attempted sex act.
Did you forsythe last night with crystal?
That forsythe was the best forsythe of my life!
by doobie23456 January 11, 2010
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Chronically lying about future plans, expecially about future job prospects.
Kristen is forsything again - she can't get a job in Iowa but now she claims she's got a job in Paris.
by Biggggy December 7, 2006
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The term Bruce Forsything refers to a sexual act in which a person fully inserts their head into a woman's vagina and puts their fist into the woman's anus so that they are in the well known Bruce Forsyth position. This is Bruce Forsything.
Person 1: My girlfriend and I are trying to spice things up in the bedroom, we have tried the Karma Sutra and various positions and places to do it and nothing is working!?

Person 2: Bro, try out Bruce Forsything, it's some proper kinky shit dude, your bitch will fucking love it!

Person 1: Thanks man, Ima go try it out now!
by ProfessorCarnage69 January 29, 2014
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While constipated and sitting on the toilet straining, you may find yourself with your fist pressed up against your forehead, and a gurning expression on your face. This level of constipation is termed a "Bruce Forsyth". You will resemble a pose made famous by a popular UK entertainer Bruce Forsyth, which he would perform not long after appearing in front of an audience.
My god, im so stuffed up, I ended up having a bruce forsyth on the loo. Thankfully i got a brucie bonus so no damage done ;)
by BouncyBrian May 28, 2014
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