To get what you give sexually.
Ay girl, I practice the art of the karma sutra. *wink*
by joemammy September 3, 2016
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(N) - Pronunciation : (KAHR - muh - SOO - truh)

1) In lame terms; the ancient Indian martial art of sex. Taking Karma Sutra classes makes you "Badass in Bed", and leaves the partner begging for more.

This ancient art teaches one the most effective positions and how to pursue those positions. It allows one to take the most advantage of however much time they have to have sex.

If you bang someone who is trained in the art of Karma Sutra, you most likely will black out from such a powerful orgasm.
"Dude, I Railed this Chick who knew Karma Sutra and I came SO FUCKING HARD!"

(Pick-Up line) "Hey baby, I know all 5 disciplines in the art of Karma Sutra."
by Pyro682 December 14, 2009
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An incorrect pronunciation of "Kama Sutra", ironically either by an Hindu person who can't pronounce English, or English person who can't spell Hindu.
Hey - you got laid by that girl you've always wanted? The karma sutra! I mean, the karma suits ya. I mean, you need a Kama Sutra!
by mossyrock April 27, 2015
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A corruption of the term 'kama sutra', used almost exclusively by morons.
Dude: "I've read the Karma Sutra, baby."

Chick: "Apparently not."
by sunshynegrll August 9, 2010
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Having crazy awesome sex as repayment for being a generous lover in the past.
“Dude my chick threw the craziest sex at me I have ever had.”

“It’s Karma Sutra baby. Do good things and good things happen.”
by Alibaster Slim January 29, 2012
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1. The idea that hotness has its repercussions, as hot people do not have to be interesting in order to get people to pay attention to them. So once someone becomes 30, no one gives a shit about them, and karma is fulfilled, because they will never use their kama sutra again.

2. What butthurt ugly people say will happen to hot people.
A: “OMG Stacy is gorgeous as hell”
B: “She’s boring, see? Hey, Stacy! What are you really good at?”
Stacy: “Uh....whatever”
B: “In twenty years, she’ll be hopeless. Karma sutra.”
A: “You would say that, because you’re ugly."
by Nazi_Moonbase November 16, 2011
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An elaboration on the Hindu and Buddhist concept of karma (the way we act or perform brings upon us inevitable results in this life and the next) but in reference to the vivacity and health of our sexual encounters and love life. Simply put, we reap what we sow (in bed).
Example 1: I accidentally bit Fidel's junk while going down on him last week, and then yesterday he tore up my vag with his braces. karma sutra.

Example 2: I spent all week avoiding Raul and making excuses as to why I couldn't hang out. I guess it's karma sutra that Ernesto's now totally doing the same to me.
by LaurB October 23, 2010
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