Another word for f*** but parent appropriate and can also make up for anybad word
Heck you, you mother hecker.
Heck off you heck
by Cam_da_man June 28, 2018
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Where you go if you don't believe in Gosh.
He went to heck because he didn't believe in Gosh.
by 0 IQ Jayyson November 16, 2019
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a place people get darned to who don't believe in gosh
What the heck?! ; After I murdered the man it became obvious I would be going to heck.
by delusionaldragon December 21, 2010
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Most offesnive word know to man extremely inappropriate if you hear someone use this word call the popo instantely it is illegal for use in the uk and banned in 37 American states
Jimbob: "yo Jimmy theres a creeper stay away "
Jimmy:*Tries to kill creeper with wooden sword*
Jimbob:"what the heck are you doing"
Jimbob:*Gets arrested and sentenced to life*
by EpicAlphaMaleFortniteGamer October 3, 2019
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A fusion of the words hell and fuck. It is used by saying "What the heck!" as a stand-in for hell or fuck but is really worse than saying "What the hell!" or "What the fuck!" You are really saying "What the hellfuck!"
Tom: "What the heck did you do with my condoms! I am trying to get laid!"

Mark: "It is pronounced 'hellfuck'."
by wetdickallnight May 28, 2009
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A combination of the words H3LL & F***, yet it it less powerful than both of them.
by The Human Being/Person December 7, 2016
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