The meanest word to ever fucking exist, heck you, usually used against no u people
Fat: want some shit u bitch?
You: ur stupid.
Fat: no u
by Obesity fat lol January 29, 2019
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It is a word, commonly used by someone named Kr.V, to try and get away with using curse words on a discord server. The terms date of birth was 9/12/17, and will forever be known as "A Retarded Term".
PepeKombat: hey Kr.V, you suck!
Kr.V: Heck you Pepe!
PepeKombat: defaq does that mean?
by PepeKombat September 12, 2017
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what minecraft addicted 9 year olds user as an insult
ben: you killed me!
nate: soz lol
ben: heck you hecking hecker
by youreabignooblmao June 6, 2020
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What you say at school when you dont want to get in trouble for saying bitch


it is pronounced (be aych)
Person1-You're gay

Person2-Shut the heck you B H
by CanYouLikeNotPlease March 28, 2022
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In English, it means "Fran(ces), where the hell are you?"

- the message left on Frances' voicemail when her dad can't find her
- her dad is pilipino (pih - lip - in - oh)
For example, when Frances is feeling rebellious and ditches her homeroom class to go to <gasp> Hot Topic for some cool stickers and patches for her backpack and <gasp> Anchor Blue for some Blue Asphalt jeans (crazy!), she will get a message on her Motorola pager voicemail with Mr. Capoooolahng's voice saying, "Prrran weh da heck you ah???!?!?"
by Cottage Cheese pussy February 19, 2005
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- used as an over-the-top response to any question which you think is extremely offensive and out of line to ask

- replaces the word "no" with the rhyminng equivalent
drinks on you!?
heck neck you dirty shmeck!
by >>__FOSSTA__<< October 4, 2006
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usually means the person who said it loves you and would do anything for you but tries to hide it because they are shy
โ€œi love you i mean you hecking weirdo ๐Ÿ™„โ€
by shoshsksbsmss March 7, 2020
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