F**k Out Of Luck!
--a person that has missed an opportunity, transportation, event, etc.
He missed the plane to Atlanta! Well, he is just a f.o.o.l.!!!
by MissPiggyDiva November 18, 2014
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A person with less intelligence than the average glass of water. Also, a person who has threatened someone who is larger, or stronger than he/she is
by Slap Chappie February 16, 2003
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Cool in an unusual, abstract or less obvious way
Dude, those trainers are totally fool
by Thimster January 28, 2009
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a. Used to refer a person to whom you do not know the name of.
b. Used to refer to any object to which you do not know the name of.
a. That fool with the volvo got owned by Lobo.

b. That one fool that you use to sit on.
by esch8 November 24, 2003
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1. a mixture of fun and cool.

2. to describe something that is way awsome
1. Hanna is so fool! Shes soo much more fool to be around then kayla.

2. Yo dog that game is fool!
by fooly February 02, 2007
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one who essentially has similar qualities as that of someone named Div and walks quite like a penguin
That person is so Div like for thinking that changing topics is foolish.
by theINd March 10, 2010
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