A slang term to describe something as being below you or simply... "more south"
Dude, Denmark is way souther then Sweden!

That chick is on a bender, if shes not careful she could end up souther.

America is just plain souther
by westlife69420 July 19, 2015
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The second boss in Streets of Rage 1, he is a tall Scandinavian dude with blonde hair and clawed gloves, but unlike Freddy Krueger's gloves the claws are on the back of the hand like Wolverine. To fight Souther you need to grab him from above or below him, DO NOT use a jump attack it will make things worst and you will get hit, and Galsia can get in the way. In stage 6 two Southers appear which makes grabbing one of them difficult, summon the police car if you have to. In the final stage one Souther appears with a different color palette, there are no galsias to back him up, so grabbing him is easier. In Streets of Rage 2 the clawed fighter is replaced by Zamza.
Even though Souther is like nine feet tall he can get suplexed by Adam, Axel, and Blaze.
by 0ld M4N July 15, 2020
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Trousers of style which obediently hold a crease in the correct (North - South)plane.
That young woman in Radiotherapy had on some great North-Southers!
by Vera Richardson November 9, 2008
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